Clouds of Icarus was established in 2012 by husband and wife team, Alain and Richeign.  Alain was employed full time for an incredible company (Viva Films).  He loved his work - he loved his boss and the thought of starting an e-liquid company had never crossed his mind.  

In 2012, Alain began creating his own blends for his personal enjoyment and also for his buddies to enjoy!  When one of Alain's buddies decided to sell the e-liquid, he started a "craze" that spread throughout Asia like wildfire!  

Soon the company began receiving fan mail and pics of empty bottles!  One customer covered his entire bed with empty bottles!  Today Clouds of Icarus is distributed worldwide throughout Asia, the USA, Europe, and South Africa!  Fans continue to post pictures of their empty bottles on facebook and by email!  The couple is still deeply moved and touched by all the sentiment expressed by their loyal customers and the pics of all those empty bottles!

How Alain Quit!

After trying out just about every product and gadget on the market, (Alain wore patches.  He was even hypnotized while wearing patches!) Alain finally "quit" trying to "quit smoking!"  Alain decided he would vape in addition to smoking cigarettes. However, after a few weeks, Alain enjoyed vaping so much that he never went back to cigarettes. On one occasion, Alain decided he would take a puff! After that one puff, he realized it was over! He could never go back to smoking even if he tried! Today Alain vapes zero nicotine and no longer feels the need or urge to smoke!  

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